Hover partners with Airmap (airmap.io)

Hover / AirMap Partnership

AirMap announced the integration partnership with Hover, which is now using AirMap airspace information within their iOS app for drone operators.

AirMap CEO Ben Marcus said, “This is a great example of our model which is to provide accurate, reliable and trustworthy airspace information so others in our nascent industry can build amazing vehicles and applications.”

The Hover app provides a variety of useful information for drone operators including a simple fly/no fly indicator for pilots, real time weather, and a flight log system.

“AirMap was the complete map solution we were looking for” said Dan Held, Hover co-founder, “the easy to understand map enables our more than 15,000 users to operate their drones safely and legally.”

Through AirMap’s API developers and manufacturers can tap into accurate, dynamic airspace data.  AirMap provides a wide range of information that developers and manufacturers can choose from.  “We work with everyone in the industry, ranging from the largest manufacturers and developers to small one to two person development shops.  Innovation is taking place across this industry, and we want to provide manufacturers and developers with the accurate and trustworthy information they need to create awesome products,” said Marcus.

Application developers can simply integrate all or some of the AirMap information ranging from airports and controlled airspace maps, to dynamic information like wildfire temporary flight restrictions.  AirMap also provides advisory information such as heliports, schools, and powerplants.

Kevin Johnson, Hover co-founder said “Drone pilots look to Hover for accurate and timely data. Which is best represented by the over 400,000 sessions logged in the last 6 months. AirMap plays a critical part in Hover by supplying our users with accurate map data so they can fly safely.”

“Our goal is to foster innovation and allow the drone industry to take flight” said AirMap co-founder Greg McNeal, “Brilliant entrepreneurs and engineers from around the world are developing ingenious applications for drones. We want to enable their success through our API and SDK and we’re happy to have Hover as one of our first publicly announced integration partners.”