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Drones that are required to register with the FAA

If your drone weighs between 0.55lbs and 55lbs then the FAA requests registry. Below is a non-exhaustive list of drones classifications:       Drone Name Do I Have to Register it? Buy MSRP Weight (lbs) 3DR Iris+ Yes 3DRobotics $600 2.8 3DR Solo (with gimbal) Yes 3DRobotics $1,400 3.9 3DR Solo (without gimbal) Yes 3DRobotics $1,000 3.3 Air Hogs Millenium Falcon No Air Hogs $119 0.1 Autel X-Star Premium Yes Autel Robotics $799 3.5 Blade 180 QX HD No Blade $190 0.2 Blade 200 QX No Blade $230 0.4 Blade 350 QX3 Yes Blade $500 2.1 Blade Chroma w/ 1080p camera Yes Horizon Hobby $1,100 3.1 Blade Chroma w/ 4K camera Yes Horizon Hobby $1,200 3.1 Blade Chroma w/...

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iFly Low Android App (A must have app for FAA 333 Exemptions Operators)

A must have app for those with FAA 333 exemption, iFlyLo is the first Smartphone app that allows drone operators to keep track of their flight logs. Any drone operator that is flying a drone within the FAA 333 exception is required to keep track of and submit the flight logs to FAA. Using iFlyLo, tracking your flight time and location is as simple as clicking a button. Check it out on Google Play!

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